Red Onion Saloon, Bar Restaurant & Brothel Museum

“Enjoyed every minute of this fun tour. A blast for fun loving folk. Ms. Johnson made everyone feel at home & was very knowledgeable.”
– Janette Speah

“Madam Johnson was a joy to us on our tour. She was fun, clever, and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed her enthusiasm and flair.”
– Mitch Jacobs

“The Bordello Breakfast in Skagway was wonderful! The madam did a great job entertaining us and giving a tour of the brothel. The breakfast was delicious & the price excellent.”
– B. McDonald

“ The Madams were phenomenal! We would recommend to anyone!”
– Jean & Scott Whiteside

“Everything about this tour was top notch. The breakfast was tasty and the tour of “the house” was an eye opener. I will definitely recommend this tour to anyone.”
– Ann Elliott

“This is a fun, informative tour and the guides make it a fun way to learn about the history & city. This is the third time I have taken this tour and have recommended it to many people!”
– Teresa Vedda

“Madam Selma Knockers was excellent, she was so funny! We had a blast on this tour!”
– Mary Gallinagh

“This was pure fun. The tour guide made sure everyone got in the spirit and included passer-byers on the street. It was a hoot!”
– Thomas Sweeney